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Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy
Age Management

Through the use of Bio Identical Hormones, we can evaluate your current levels and return them to a more youthfull state. Improving the quality of life and rejuvinating your body and health.

Feel good about yourself again, contact our Age Management division to get started today.

(714) 549-6580

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Chiropractic / Acupuncture
Specific Care for Specific Needs

Depending on the injury or ailment, let us help you decide what is the best course of treatment.

Each discipline is unique and offers many benefits.

Please contact us to schedule your appointment now.

(714) 549-6500 ext. 500

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Breast Thermography
Breast Health

Thermography offers women a tool for monitoring overall breast health and thereby improves her chances for preventing various pathologic breast diseases.

If you are interested in more information or to schedule an appointment please click here.

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Group Health Insurance
Enjoy Good Health

At Griffin Medical Group a number of our physicians are associated with multiple insurance carriers.

From injuries to illnesses our doctors are here to help you.

Call us at (714) 549-6500 to schedule your appointment now

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Personal Injury
Car Accidents, Slip/Fall, etc.

If you have been involved in an auto accident, slip and fall, or have sustained some other injury, we can help. Not only do we have phenominal physicians, we also have the expertise to document your treatement, and a wide range of resources to help you recover quickly.

Please call us for more information or to schedule and appointment (714) 549-6500

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Workers' Compensation
Industrial Injury

If you are victim to an injury at the workplace, or in the performance of your job duties, you will need a physician with experience in the workers compensation field. Our physicians have years of experience with work related injuries and the reporting skills to get your claim recognized, authorized, and get you the best possible medical care.

NOTE: if you have not signed a "predesignation" letter and submitted it to your employer, you are taking a big risk. Predesignation allows you to see the physician of your choice if you are injured on the job. If you do not have a predesignation letter, you will have to see your employers physician in most cases.

Please call us for more information.

(714) 549-6500

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